Regular Medical Work-ups Help Keep Pets Healthy

Medical Work-ups and Pet Therapy at San Pablo Animal Hospital

At San Pablo Animal Hospital, we feel that a healthy pet is a happy pet. Your pet’s basic needs are relatively similar to yours: food, water, exercise, and lots of love. In addition, your pet also needs regular checkups, lab work, vaccinations, and age-appropriate medications to stay on the road to good health. Vaccinations are often the best means of preventing disease, and parasite and heartworm preventives are necessary to keep your pet free of fleas, ticks, and worms. Prevention is often far easier than the cure.

At every age, your pet needs you to be his or her health advocate. If you notice any of the following changes in your pet’s behavior, please call us to ask questions and to schedule an appointment:

Pet Therapy

San Pablo Animal Hospital participates in the Pet Therapy program at Beaches Baptist Hospital with our service dogs in training. Our doctors also perform the evaluation and certification of pet therapy dogs for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Baptist Hospital, and many nursing homes and other facilities with pet therapy programs. In addition, Dr. McCall visits schools, service organizations, hospitals, and other facilities to talk about CCI service dogs.