Pet Health Certificates & Microchips

Pet Health Certificates & Microchips Are Available at San Pablo Animal Hospital

If you are traveling with your pet to another state or country, you may need a certified health certificate. Some states (Hawaii) and countries require proof that your pet is up to date on his or her vaccinations and has an adequate rabies titer. In some cases, your pet must also have been examined by a veterinarian within 10 days prior to travel. This is to certify that your pet appeared free of any disease. If traveling to Hawaii or to a foreign country, these documents take considerable time and planning. We suggest you go on online to find the requirements for traveling with pets to your destination and also call our office well in advance to request assistance.

In addition, many hotels, airlines, dog parks, and boarding and grooming facilities require proof of current vaccinations for rabies and kennel cough. You can access your pet’s health record on our website or request assistance from our office. If your pet needs an update on his or her vaccinations, please call and schedule an appointment.


Unfortunately when lost, most pets are not found and returned to their owners. Consider having a small microchip placed underneath your pet’s skin so that when it is scanned, it will identify you as the pet’s owner. Computer databases are maintained for the life of your pet and the information can be updated when you move or get a new phone number.