Digital X-ray & In-House Laboratory for Fast Diagnostics

A Digital X-ray & In-House Laboratory is Available For Pet Care Diagnostics at San Pablo Animal Hospital

After performing a physical exam, the doctors at San Pablo Animal Hospital are trained to diagnose and treat your pet’s problem or refer you to a specialist if necessary. To help with diagnosis and treatment, we have an in-house laboratory, digital X-ray equipment, EKG monitor, ultrasound, isolation ward, ICU, treatment areas, and a surgery suite. With our in-house laboratory, we can determine your pet’s kidney and liver function, ascertain the complete blood count, and measure electrolytes and urinalysis. We can also conduct heartworm tests and fecal exams to detect internal parasites. If necessary, our doctors can quickly and easily send test results and X-rays to veterinary specialists to determine the best way to treat your pet.

PennHIP & OFA X-rays

Dr. McCall is one of the few doctors locally who is certified to perform PennHIP X-rays to detect hip dysplasia in dogs. He performs more than 120 PennHIP and OFA exams per year for dogs being trained by Canine Companions for Independence to be service dogs. If you need your dog X-rayed for hip certification, he’s the man!