Start Your Puppy or Kitten Off on the Right Paw!

Puppy & Kitten Care at San Pablo Animal Hospital

Because of their size, puppies and kittens are more susceptible to dehydration, anemia, and other ailments than adult pets. While these conditions may cause discomfort in mature animals, in young animals they can cause death.

If your pet whelps a litter of puppies or kittens, bring mama and the babies to the vet soon after the birth. If you observe a problem with a newborn or the mother, act quickly. Parasites, which can be present at birth, can be especially harmful to younger pets, causing anemia. We can begin parasite control at three weeks of age. Tail docking and dewclaw removal for some breeds is done at three to five days.

If you adopt a new puppy or kitten, it is best if your pet is eight weeks old before you bring it home. If possible, take a look at the mother and siblings to make sure they are healthy. Check out the environment for cleanliness and check out the reputation of the breeder, kennel, or pet shop if you are purchasing a pet. Check with us for recommendations.

Your new pet should receive a physical exam by a veterinarian within a few days of coming to live with you. We begin parasite control and a course of vaccinations at the first visit. Puppies and kittens usually receive a series of vaccinations every three weeks until they are 16 weeks old to protect them from many diseases. Spaying or neutering is usually recommended at four to six month of age.

Don’t forget about obedience classes and socialization! You should plan to begin socializing your pet and training him or her as soon as possible. Many problems can be avoided with training and socialization beginning at an early age.