Our Dogs in Service

Learn About Our Dogs in Service

In 2005, San Pablo Animal Hospital became intensely involved with service dogs when Dr. McCall’s family decided to become puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence. The McCalls have successfully raised many puppies for CCI, which places “exceptional dogs with exceptional people” free of charge. Dr. McCall also serves on the Board of Directors for this organization. He teaches puppy training classes twice a month and provides free and reduced veterinary care to over 20 service dogs and puppies in the Jacksonville area. In addition he also conducts Penn-Hipp x-rays for the entire Southeast Region.


MadineMadine became the service dog for Melanie. Melanie says she is "no longer the girl in the wheelchair." She is the girl with the really cool dog. Melanie works in a law office that specializes in disability law and Dina the Wonder Dog is her assistant.


RossiRossi, service dog for Andrea, can be found assisting her at work at AAA where she is a dispatcher. He helps her by fetching dropped items and opening doors in more ways than one. In addition to being a great service dog, Andrea says Ross is the best lover dog ever and opens the door to conversations with people everywhere they go.


GracieGracie became the service dog for Jessica. Grace and Jess made quite a team driving around town in their van with an "Amazing Grace" bumper sticker. They were also a great team in the church choir. Jess had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and Gracie served as her hands until Jessica passed from this world. Gracie now continues to serve as a pet therapy dog with Jess’s mother at a hospital.


SloaneSloane became part of a Skilled Assistance Team, along with Christian and his mother. Christian is an adult who suffers from autism. Sloane provides unconditional love and constant friendship to Christian and helps him in his interaction with people. Christian is an artist. See his work at www.facebook.com/artpossibilities.


BonsaiBonsai became the service dog for Chase. Chase has brittle bone disease and Bonsai rolls along beside his wheelchair assisting him as they navigate a college campus, a fraternity party, a job interview, and all that life throws their way.


OkoOko was in training to be a service dog, but due to her exuberant personality, she had a change of career. She is currently Dr. McCall’s favorite bird hunting friend and participates in pet therapy programs within the community.


MerlotMerlot completed her basic training with us and was selected to be a breeder for Canine Companions for Independence in 2015. She gave birth to one litter of four puppies in January 2016.


Obe is a beautiful golden retriever and the McCall's current puppy in training. He can be seen at the hospital and also around town as he learns his commands and practices becoming a service dog. Obe is also a frequent visitor to the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.


ObieObie is a beautiful outgoing golden retriever. He is currently in Advanced Training (doggie college) in Orlando and gets great report cards from his trainers. We look forward to seeing him placed as a service dog with his forever person in early 2017.


DashwoodDashwood, one of Merlot's puppies, is our 9th dog in training for Canine Companions. Dash can be seen at San Pablo Animal Hospital and all around town as he learns his basic commands. He is a handsome yellow lab, born in January 2016.